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New to Holistic Care Solutions

Welcome to our holistic center! If this is you first visit to Holistic Care Solutions, here are guidelines will help you have a pleasant experience.

1. Print & Fill Out Our Intake Form

Please download our New Patient Form and fill out your information before your first visit to Holistic Care Solutions. 

2. Bring to Your Appointment

–Our completed New Patient Intake Form or come in 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

– Your insurance card if you are using insurance.

– Bring snack.

– Any lab work, X-rays or MRIs.

– Details list of medications and nutritional supplements you are taking.

3. General Recommendations

These are suggestions for you to get the maximum benefit from your Acupuncture treatment:

– Avoid being too full or too hungry before the treatment.

– Avoid over-exercise, caffeine or alcohol shortly before the treatment.

– Avoid brushing or scraping your tongue the same day of your treatment.

– Plan your day so that you can get some rest after the treatment.

– Wear loose fitting clothing.

4. Insurance Company

We accept insurance beneftis from many insurance carriers, including (PIP), (PPO) and open access. Most insurance are accepted upon approval.

Furthermore, we have plans available in order to facilitate and accomplish your health care goals. Please contact us for more information.

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